We started PACKT in 2017 in Massachusetts, USA. We are a family run business built from the ground up. We got our first rescue pup in 2013 (Bella), second rescue in 2015 (Meeka), both from Sterling Animal Shelter in Massachusetts. We weren’t planning on having three dogs but found our third pup (Harvey) on Super Bowl Sunday in 2018, he was on the side of the road, starved and lost with no collar or identification and we knew we had to take him in and nurse him back to health. He completed our family, and we couldn’t imagine our lives without all our pups. It is our love for these three that inspired us to create PACKT. They ignited a passion within us to want to help rescues like them. We decided to create a product that was perfect for their active lifestyle while supporting other dogs in need by donating 10% of sales to Non-Profit, No-Kill animal shelters. Our first donation was $100 in 2017 and as we have grown, we were able to make our biggest donation yet, in 2021 we donated $9,000 to Lola’s Lucky Day Rescue in Houston, Texas!

Our products have always been made in the USA. From 2017-2020 they were made by a local private label in Ohio. We also opened our sales channels to Amazon and Walmart in 2020. In September of 2020 we made the decision to bring all production in house and took on making everything ourselves in Massachusetts. In January of 2022 we moved into our first real manufacturing location in Shirley, Massachusetts, building our own in-house team, providing more jobs to our community, and continuing to donate to animal shelters. This will also allow us to continue making more quality products and new products like our PACKT DOG BEDS that will be fully launching in 2022! We appreciate all your love and support as we continue this journey and hope you will join the PACKT!

– Kevin & Nicole Richardson – Founders of PACKT Collar Co.