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We believe that our products really do care.  They care for more than just the dog for whom it lies on. They care for that dog waiting to be loved, the dog that is abandoned, that dog without a home.  As such, we want to make sure that we are transparent with our wonderful customers as to the amount that is being donated to Animal Rescues.  So far in 2020, we have donated over $2,700 with a forecast to double that in Q4.  Combined with our donations since beginning in 2017, our running total is just over $10,000!

To put it in perspective, here are some facts as to what that $3,467 can cover:

  • 25,641 Meals or approx 19,523 lbs of food
  • 100 spay/neuter operations. 
  • Standard veterinarian medical care for 73 adult dogs

It is safe to say that as the PACKT Family (that means all of our customers) helped to save many animals' lives this year. For that, we sincerely thank you.