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How do I know 10% of sales really goes to an animal shelter?

PACKT, LLC is a Massachusetts based company and must abide by Mass State Law, M.G.L. c.68, s. 18, where in order to advertise our contribution to shelters, we are required to register with the state as a Commercial Co-Venture, have a signed agreement with Animal Shelters we work with, and file an annual report with the state of our financial activity.  This ensures that we abide by our advertising promise to donate 10% of our sales to the noted Animal Shelter. Learn more of our requirements by clicking here.  


What material is used in your products?

To address the weather and terrain of New England, we wanted a material that was waterproof and stinkproof, but also looked fantastic. This is why decided to use USA Made coated webbing material for the collar and stainless steel or aluminum for our hardwar (depending on the product). Our WeatherPACKT design includes a vegan leather substitute called "BETA" – the best material in the dog collar marketplace for active dogs. It is soft to the touch with a look and feel like leather but is more durable, cleanable, stronger, stinkproof and just easier to maintain.  This is why we can offer our guarantee and warranty.  This material also dominates the equestrian tack market with its durability, comfort and longevity.


How do you choose your Featured Animal Shelter?

PACKT only supports Non-Profit, No-Kill Animal Shelters. We focus on New England shelters because many of them rescue animals from all over the country. This is through partnerships/agreements with shelters in the southern states where there is a much higher homeless population.  However, we are beginning to also feature rescues in other states.  We research each shelter and do an onsite visit before we enter into a co-venture relationship with them.  Learn More By CLICKING HERE 


Are PACKT products available in stores?

Yes! Click HERE to learn where you can find us.


How will my order ship & how long will it take?

US Domestic Standard - 2-5 Days (Free)

US Domestic Expedited - 1-3 Days 

Canada Standard - 5-7 Days

World Standard - 15-20 Days

World Express - 4-7 Days


Returns & Warranty

If I don't like my collar or lead, can I return them?

Absolutely. We provide a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please EMAIL – RETURNS@PACKTCOLLARCO.COM and include the following information:

Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, a copy of the sales receipt.


What do I do if my collar or lead breaks?

While we are confident that this will not happen, we have our PACKT Lifetime “Bite-Free”  Warranty.  This means that if your collar or leash breaks or your pup chews through it, we will provide a replacement at no charge. To submit a claim, please EMAIL – RETURNS@PACKTCOLLARCO.COM and include the following information:

Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, a copy of the sales receipt, and a picture of the damaged or defective product.