Sterling Animal Shelter ($317.31 Donated: Apr - Jun 2017

Sterling Animal Shelter ($317.31 Donated: Apr - Jun 2017

PACKT is excited to be featuring this wonderful shelter, especially because this is where Nicole and I found our first two adopted children, Bella & Meeka. 

The Animal Shelter Inc. of Sterling is a Non-Profit, No-Kill animal shelter and boarding facility located in Sterling, Massachusetts. Formed in 1988 - incorporated in 1996, The Animal Shelter Inc. of Sterling provides humane sheltering and quality care for unwanted, stray, neglected and abused animals with no age or time restrictions. They are solely supported by surrender and adoption fees and private donations. They serve and care for over 3,000 animals yearly with low cost spay/neuter, vaccine and dental services at their on-site vet clinic. Their dedicated staff strive to find safe, loving and lifelong homes for all adoptable pets. The Animal Shelter Inc. of Sterling serves to improve the quality of life for both the animals and people within the community.

We are also impressed with their programs that work with shelters in areas where the homeless pet population is much higher than it is in the Northeast.  They do this by transporting dogs out of High-Kill shelters. Both Bella and Meeka were a part of this program. Bella is from a shelter located in Virginia, and Meeka is from a shelter in Puerto Rico. They call this their “Puppy Rescue Program” which includes the Virginia Homebound Hounds Program, S.O.S. (Save Our Satos) Program from Puerto Rico, and the TN Rescue program in Tennessee.  As described by Sandy Wyatt (Southside SPCA Director), “Leigh and her staff have saved thousands of puppies and dogs. The unwanted litters do not have a chance in the South. We are very grateful for this program. Every week our shelter receives emails, pictures, letters and phone calls just to thank us for sending their new adopted baby to them.” These programs make a big difference in helping to reduce the growing number of euthinizations each year.

1 - Millions of animals are killed each year simply because people do not spay or neuter their pets.  This is a SIMPLE thing to FIX, yet is not being done enough. As noted previously, Sterling Animal Shelter offers low cost spay/neuter services if anyone needs to get their dog or cat spayed/neutered.

2 – There are many dogs and cats in need homes from shelters vs puppy mills and breeders.  By shopping from a pet store or breeder, a shelter pet will miss out on a chance at finding a forever home. Please considering adopting, not shopping.

There are many ways to help Sterling Animal Shelter. We are committed to giving 10% of our sales with hopes of making a positive impact on the animals awaiting a home.  We ask that you also join us in supporting them whether it be through purchasing our product, volunteering, donating, or adopting. Click the links below to be directed to their website to help make a difference.

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