Buddy Dog Humane Society ($791 Donated): Sept - Nov 2017

Buddy Dog Humane Society ($791 Donated): Sept - Nov 2017

Walking into Buddy Dog, it quickly becomes clear that each dog in their care is special.  These animals are not just another number that passes through the doors of this shelter, rather, their pet and family member that they are trying to find the perfect home for.

While taking a stroll through the Kennel, I noticed one dog named Sam. Sam is a 5 year old Coonhound mix rescued from South Carolina with fur scaling from white on his chest to dark brown on his body, and light brown on his hind legs.  As I walked past his kennel, he came through the doggie door from the outside with his ears slightly perked but then quickly retreated back to the outdoor portion of his kennel.  I could tell he had a sweet heart but was just bit nervous, so I tried calling him over softly with my back turned. While he did not make it all the way, he kept building up the courage to come closer but then would quickly move back.  I could tell that he just needed someone to love him and give him a secure environment to live in.  The thought did cross my mind, but unfortunately, I knew our home would not be best for him.

After I was done with my walk through, I asked one of the volunteers, “How is Sam? What are your thoughts on him?”

She replied, “Sam is a love, but is a little unsure of newcomers. He is for sure all hound. With his keen nose, I would be concerned with him going to somewhere without set boundaries.  With the way he grasps onto scents, he would not do well with an invisible fence or something like that.”

This instantly showed me that they were looking for a very specific home for each of their temporary residents.  Each run has a description that outlines the ideal home for each dog.  For example, there was Duke who was very laid back and friendly, but based on his history, they noted that he would do best in an “adult only home and as the only pet.”  It is places like Buddy Dog that really gives you hope for the so many dogs and cats out there that are in need of help.

Buddy Dog has quite the history.  Being formed in 1961 after the founder rescued an abandoned puppy from a paper bag on the top of a pile of smoldering trash at the Sudbury town dump, and placed them to a loving family.  Buddy Dog was actually one of the original three animal rescues in Massachusetts.  They now have a facility with 32 indoor/outdoor dog runs complete with comfortable bedding and toys and housing for 20 felines.  As stated the Buddy Dog website, “The Society is incorporated with one main objective, ‘giving a new lease on life to impounded dogs and cats’. Buddy Dog accepts homeless dogs and cats, in good health and of friendly disposition, which could, without our help, be destroyed. These animals find refuge at our shelter and can depend on becoming someone’s forever friend. There is no time limit on their stay.”

We are very proud to be featuring Buddy Dog Humane Society for the months of September, October, & November and contributing to their mission by donating 10% of our sales. We hope that you too will support in anyway possible.

*Update - Since writing this post, we are excited to let you know that Sam has been adopted :) 

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